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Religious Studies
REL 2120
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LECTURE 7Myths That Support AntiSemitism1Why the Jews2Why has Jew hatred persisted for so many millennia3Does everyone hate the Jews4Did all medieval church clergy hate the JewsththoMedieval 515 centuryoMiddle Ages3 really good people1Theodoric and RavennaaTheodoric emperor ordered the Catholic population to rebuild the Jewish synagogue that had been burned down at their own expensebThis is an example of where a ruler did something right and was not persecuted by the church2Bishop Cosmos and the First Crusade3Saint Bernard of ClairvauxThe Second CrusadeaHe followed the orders of the pope who was his son and preached in favor of the second crusade He sent a large army to Jerusalem After he witnessed the savagery that Jews were being subjected he rose from his death bed and traveled to the holy land attempting to persuade the armies to stop treating the Jews in the way that they hadFriar John Capistrano Scourge of the JewsInstigated the abolition of Jewish civil rights in Naples and several other Italian towns and then moved to Bavaria where he urged civil authorities to require Jews to wear an identifiable badgeHe led a state of torture that ended in murderHe was responsible of a papal edict prohibiting the Jews to the land of Israel
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