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LECTURE 6 continuedThe reason for expulsion of JewsMostly financialChristianity Islam and Judaism forbid the lending of money with interestThe church ruled that Christians could borrow money at interest from a nonChristian JewsThe Rabbis ruled that Jews could lend money at interest to nonJewsBecause they could not own property most Jews limited their possessions to what they could carry with themThese decrees of expulsion were never carried out fullyHenry of TrastamaraLateran Council edicts 1390In Spain all religions resided in peace for a long time because nobody could claim a majority of the people Years later the new King required a literal enforcement of the Lateran Council edicts in 1390 Jews were forced to choose between baptism and death A vast majority of those who did convert remained unaffected by the act of baptismThese people were dubbed marranos or pigsMany Jewish marranos really were sincere converts but a marrano was a Jew who appeared to convert for a reason other than wanting toPolitical Reality and Tax Farming1Every head of state a ChristianaA king or queenbIn each case the monarch regarded the country over which he or she ruled as a personal projectioncTaxes squeezed from the populous at large on the basis of private royal wealthdMonarchs were chosen from a small number of prominent families and nobody questioned their divine right2Every European country legally and officially became Christian
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