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Louisiana State University
Religious Studies
REL 2120

LECTURE 12 continuedThe Nazi mentality was to shoot to kill in reaction to any type of resistanceCrimes committed by Nazi soldiers were not to be punished This was an open invitation for soldiers to behave in any way towards civiliansCommissar OrderoThe originators of barbaric Asiatic methods of warfare are the political commissars Therefore when captured either in battle or offering resistance they are to be shot on principle June 6 1941oAsiaticRussiansSoviet Prisoners of WarThe soldiers killed prisoners of war in massive numbers for no reason other than the fact that they were supposedly communistsThe treatment of Soviet prisoners of war violated the standard of anything else in the world The Nazi regime proclaimed that it was not responsible for providing care for themPrisoners of war were guaranteed some sort of minimal protection but the Nazis made no effort to uphold
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