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Religious Studies
REL 2120

LECTURE 4 continuedReview from last lectureThe cross becomes a sign of military mightThe mindset of Rome is altered Christianity used to be illegal but now it is the only legal religion in RomeThe 200year period succeeds in missionary activityThe three sermons reiterated that the Jews killed God in punishment God destroyed Jerusalem and all Jews and Christians have become Gods chosen people in place of JewsOrigen 185254 CEThe first nonJewish Christian that studied HebrewHe used his biblical knowledge of the language to argue that the Jews had shown disrespect for their own bible and misinterpreted their religion wronglyEusebius Ecclesiastical HistoryThis book became an influential document for all Christians His works becomes the standard reference work that fixes the beliefs of ChristianityIs there a connection between these sermons and the New Testament itself According to Paul Christianity was the plan of God before the foundation of the earth He argues that Christianity is older than Israel JudaismDeicide Kill GodThe sin of all sinsstThis accusation has endured now into the 21 century Its an indestructible accusation1The only Jews in favor of his death were the SadduceesaWhat about the RomansbCrucifixion was a Roman punishment not a Jewish punishmentcPilot was the Roman soldier who executed the crucifixion and Romans were the ones that inflicted pain upon Jesus
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