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Religious Studies
REL 2120

LECTURE 4 EARLY CHRISTIAN ANTIJUDAISM I continuedThe FlawJewish View of JesusNot every early Christian accepted the divinity of Jesus but it soon became orthodoxPaul taught only faith in Jesus was necessaryChristians who were observant to Judaism compromised ChristianityFaith in Christ not works led to salvationThe first proposal for the New Testament entirely rejected the Jewish Scriptures Suggested by Marcion Bishop of Pontus140 ADBut without the Jewish scriptures how could Christianity be the logical heir to the Torah and the prophetsoThe Church claimed the Jewish Scriptures as its own oSaid Jews had totally misunderstood their own sacred writingsThe classic source of antiJudaism in the New Testament lies in the story of the crucifixionDuring Passover The Jewish Sanhedrin subjected Jesus under arrest by Roman soldiers to a hasty trial and Sentenced him to death for an action that was not a crime according to Jewish law The high priest asked Jesus whether he was the son of God Matt 2663 and parallelsJesus responds by referring to himself as the son of man a common designation describing a human being rather than an animal
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