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Religious Studies
REL 2120
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LECTURE 9 continuedIsaac Abravanel great Jewish scholaroRegarded the Jewish migration to the land of the Ottomans as a step towards salvationDelegation from Provence 1550oReligious persecution against the Jews was at a minimumoJews were regarded as Demmi or non believersoJews were described as talented craftsman and merchantsoEven today when we talk about building a career in business one of the most components of that is networking Jews had a national network and when they moved to the Ottoman empire they had a larger network that was very valuableoThey were thrilled with the citizenship that they were granted in the Ottoman empireChief rabbi of Edirne open letter urging Jews to settle in the Ottoman Empireo4 decades later at the time of the Spanish Expulsion in 1492 Sultan Bayezid II remarked that Ferdinand is a wise king but how could he be He impoverishes his own country by expelling the Jews but he enriches our countryBeginning in the 1450s and for the next 100 years Jews came across the Mediterranean by boat land or foot Some would leave where they were and go to Italy or N Africa first and then make a second trek east to Ottoman territoryoAs antiJew attitudes grew stronger more Jews migrated Between 5 and 6 of the population in Istanbul was Jewish in 1530
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