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Religious Studies
REL 2120
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AntiSemitism and the Enlightenmento1638 Bogdan Chmielnicki became the leader of the CossaksoShabbetai Zevi began to attract many scholars Nazism Racism AntiSemitismoEnlightenment is what produced the people that followoSlave society in the ancient worldEgyptGreece RomeoThe original language of Europe was German Ursprache and original land as Germany UrfolkoKarl Grattenauer 1802 a Jewish smelloSanskritlanguage that came from India pretty much all Europeans languages came from thisAryans oTeutons the Germans had been a Germanic tribe came from Scandinavians blond oBruno Lassen The Semites do not posses that harmonious equilibrium between all the oErnest RenanoWilhelm MarrCoined the term anti Semitism called them many bad names because they spoke different languages oEugene Duhring 1881oHuston Chamberlain 1899Foundations of the 19th centurySaid it was the Persians fault for allowing the Jews to liveoAdolph StoeckerAntiJewish congressuniversal antiJewish allianceoOtto BoeckelElected to German reichstag1886
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