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Religious Studies
REL 3004
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1F Yurco 3200YearOld Picture of the Israelites Found in EgyptA Wall in Karnak temple at ancient Thebes includes1 Horizontal inscription just under the cornice stating that Ramses II built the wall2 Peace treaty bw Ramses II and Hittite king after the battle of Kadesh in 12803 Four battle scenes surrounding the peace teaty each w a hieroglyphic textCartouches in the texts have the name Sety II ca 12001190B Interpretation bf Yurco1 All of the scenes and inscriptions on the wall originally related to Ramses II2 Sety II usurped the cartouches that earlier had the name of Ramses IIC Yurcos study1 The cartouches were usurped twiceSety II usurped the cartouches of Amenmesse who earlier had usurped the cartouches of Merneptah
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