Archeology And Solomon

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Religious Studies
REL 3004
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Archeology and SolomonJoshua and Conquest Josh 124Era of Judges Judges 1 1Sam 12United Monarchy 1Sam 12 1 King 11Divided Monarchy2 King 25Saul ca10201000 BCEDavid ca1000 960Solomon ca 960920AGeneral comments on David and Solomon1Bible presents them as powerful rulers of a vast empire from Palestine Pal to the Euphrates2Bible is the only source for the reigns of David and Solomon ANE inscriptions dont mention them Tell Dan Inscriptions3Excavation in Pal has recovered little that can be positively connected to David specifically BBiblical presentation of Solomon 1 Kings 1111Solomons reign on the rise 310aTheophany appearance of God in a dream to him at Gibeon 3bSolomon at the wisest of rulers 3410cSolomon as ruler over huge empire with peace throughout his reign 4dSolomon as the richest of
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