The Biblical Account Of Mesha

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Religious Studies
REL 3004

The biblical account of Meshas revolt1Mesha king of Moab revolted against Israel after Ahabs death 2 Kings 11 352Jehorams campaign ag Mesha and Moab 2 Kings 3aInvades Moabite territorybDefeats Moabite army in open fieldcFails to capture KirharesethdWithdraws from Moab Mesha left independentThe Mesha Inscription1Discovered in 1868 at Dhibanbiblical Dibon in TJ written in Moabite2A memorial text by Mesha for the dedication of a sanctuary to the Moabite god Chemosh3Probably dates to the end of Meshas reign ca 8304Reviews the achievements of Mesha especially his liberation of Moab from Israel The date of Meshas revolt12 Kings 11 and 35 place the revolt after Ahabs death in 8512Mesha Inscr Says that Israel dominated Moab during the days of Omri and half the days of his son forty years UnclearaIf his sonAhab the revolt appears to have occurred midway through Ahabs reign ca 860bIf the 40year figure is accurate the
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