Settlement Of The Philistines

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Louisiana State University
Religious Studies
REL 3004

Settlement of the PhilistinesASources ofevidence1Hebrew Bible esp 12 Sam2Records of Ramses III ca 1180 1150iInscriptions and reliefs at Medinet Habu in ancient ThebesiiHarris Papyrus I3Excavations of Philistines strata in Palestine BPhilistine potterymain marker of Philistine strata1Made locally in Palestine2Painted with distinctive geometric designs and birds 3Evolved from monochrome to biochrome ware4Radically different from LC Canaanite and Egyptian pottery Ergo it thsignals the arrival of a new group in Palestine in the 12 century5Very similar to Mycenaean pottery in the Aegean region Ergo The new group originated in the Aegean regionWhy do we associate this pottery with the Philistines specifically We do it because of what written texts tell us about the PhilistinesiThe HB Hebrew Bible places the early Philistines at certain towns in Palestine and precisely at those sites we have found an abundance of the new pottery thiiTexts of Ramses III say that during the first half of the 12 century the Philistines and other Sea People moved
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