Qumran And Dead Sea S

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Religious Studies
REL 3004

1QUMRAN AND THE DEAD SEA SCROLLSA Historical context Palestine ca 200 BCE70 CE1 Seleucid kings Greek kings ruling from Syria dominate Palestine 200165 BCE 2 Jewish Maccabean revolt ca 164 BCEJewish Hasmonean kings ca 15065 BCE3 Roman rulers dominate Palestine 64 BCE onward4 Jewish revolt ca 6570 CECrushedJerusalem and temple destroyed5 Variety in Judaism bf 65 CE various sectspartiesmovements egPharisees see NT and TalmudDifferent rel ideasSadducees see NT and Talmudrel laws andZealots see NT and Josephuspolitical viewsEssenes see Josephus Philo and PlinyNazarenesChristiansB Discovery of Qumran and the DSS1 Qumran ruins located at nw edge of Dead Sea Isolated spot in desolate regionth2 Ruins noted already by 19 century explorers eg Charles ClermontGanneau but not appreciated3 DSS found in 11 nearby caves 194766Copies ofall biblical books except Esther known apocryphal or pseudepigraphal works like Enoch and Jubileespreviously unknown works of a Jewish sect4 Excavation of Qumran by Roland de Vaux 195356C Occupational periods of QumranIsraelite period bf 586 BCEsmall settlementsIA 150100 BCEIB 10030 BCEheyday of Qumran with large complexII 4 BCE68 CE
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