The Search For Solomon Temple

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Religious Studies
REL 3004
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The search for Solomons templeAThe location of Solomons temple1Davids city on the Ophel in Jerusalem2Solomons temple on top of the hill just north of Davids city see present day Hara eshSharif3Top of hill was rounded and narrow So a broad platform had to be builtBExcavations in Jerusalem be K Kenyon and others1No trace of Solomons temple yet found WhyaRemains are under Hara eshSharif where one cant excavatebTemple completely destroyed by Babylonians in 586 BCE see 2 Kings 252The position of the southeast corner of the platform of Solomons temple Kenyons argument Know for EXAMaJews built the second temple and its platform ca 520515 see EzrabKing Herod ca 20 BCE renovated Second Temple and extended its platform to the south west and north see JosephuscHerodian masonry still visible on the south and west sides of the Hara esh Sharif large flat stones with slightly raised bosses and 34 marginsdOn the east side toward the southern end a vertical straight join separated Herodian masonry on the left f
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