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D Water System at Megiddo 1 Megiddo was built on a hill but the water source was an undergroundSpring at the base of the Tel outside the wall 2 Solomonic Water System a Gallery 629 cut through the Solomonic casemate wall b Long set of stairs down the side of the Telnd c 2 stairwell at the base of the Tel that led to an underground springchamberProblem How do you get to the water if youre in a siege 3 Ahabs System a City wall 325 was built over the casemate wallgallery 629 b A vertical shaft was built 115ft downward c A horizontal tunnel 200ft was built leading to the spring chamberin this system one can get water safelyE Hazor 1 Ancient Hazor consisted of A huge lower Tel A smaller upper Tel on the south side at a higher elevation After the Late Bronze age 15001200 the lower Tel was not occupiedagain 2 Stratum X Solomons citywas on Western half of t
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