Intro To Ancient Israel And Hebrew Bible

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Religious Studies
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REL 3004

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INTRODUCTION TO ANCIENT ISRAEL AND THE HEBREW BIBLEChronological TerminologyBCEBefore the Common EraBCCECommon EraADFirst century BCE1000 BCESecond century BCE200100 BCESeventh century BCE700600 BCEArchaeological Periods of the Middle East memorize agesBronze Age32001200 BCEEarly Bronze32002000Middle Bronze20001550Late Bronze15501200Iron Age1200330 BCEIron I12001000Iron II1000600Persian period600330Classical Times330 BCE640 CEHellenistic period33063Roman period63 BCE 324 CEByzantine period324640 CEOutline of Israelite Historyprovisional because its based on the BibleEmergence of Israelites in Palestine ca 12501050 BCEThe United Monarchy of Israel and Judah ca 1000925Saul David ca 1000960Solomon ca 960925Divided States of Israel and JudahIsrael the Northern Kingdom ca 925722Judah the Southern Kingdom ca 925586The Babylonian Exile 586540The Persian Province of Judah 539332Note
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