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H Shanks Where is the Tenth CenturyAThe Consensus View1Megiddo VA IVB contains impressive monumental architecture thaSolomon built it in the 10 centbThe Egyptian king Shishak Shoshenq destroyed it ca 925 BCEth2Stratum VIA dates to the 11 cent the Judges period and it is rather meager architecturally It too was destroyed BUssishkin and Finkelsteins viewth1Megiddo VIA is Solomons city from the 10 cent and Shishak destroyed it th2Stratum VAIVB dates to the 9 century 3Arguments aVIA lacks typical 11cent artifacts Philistine pottery and collaredrim jars and therefore the stratum probably dates later thto the 10 century bA fortified enclosure at Jezreel was probably built by Omri 885873 BCE and destroyed by Jehu ca 841 BCE see 2Kings 9 The pottery in this enclosure thus dates to the midninth cent and it resembles the pottery in Megiddo VAIVB cPart of a victory stela of Shishak was found at Megiddo Shishak would not likely have erected his stela in a city that he had destroyed The destruction of VAIVB cannot be attributed to him CStagers counterarguments1Shishaks conquest list in the temple of Amon at Karnak names not only Meg
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