Biblical Archaeology 1890 Present

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Religious Studies
REL 3004
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Biblical Archaeology 1890 PresentAFlinders Petrie 1852 19421Achievements in Egypt 18801890aExcavated many cites includingiTell elAmarna capital of pharaoh Akhnenatoniimortuary temple of Merneptah at Thebesbfound the Merneptah Stelathe first extrabiblical reference to Israel ca 1210 BCEclearned value of ancient pottery for dating archeological remains2Excavation at Tell elHesi in 1890aHired by the PEF to excavate the first tell in Palestine iKhirbet Ajlon and Umm Lakis Arabic proposed as sites for dig suspected to be biblical Eglon and Lachish Hebrew aAncient Troy was excavated a decade before this is where they got the idea to excavate the tells previously thought to be natural hillsbSurface pottery at Khirbet Ajlon and Umm Lakis indicated that neither site was older than Roman times cExcavated six weeks at Tell elHesi whereiWadi Hesi had cut away aide of the tell thus exposing strata of the siteiiEvolution in ceramic types corres
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