The Revolt Of Jehu

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Religious Studies
REL 3004
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The Revolt of JehuAPreliminaries1Omride dynasty aOmribAhab ca 87151cAhaziah 850dJehoram Joram ca 849412Ca 845844 Hadadezer of Damascus dies and Hazael usurps the kingship3Ca 841 Jehu usurps kingship of Israel 4841 Jehu pays tribute to Shalmaneser IIIBBiblical account of Jehus revolt 2 Kings 9101Jehoram of Israel and Ahaziah of Judah were fighting Hazael at Ramothgilead2Jehoram was wounded he and Ahaziah returned to Jezreel3Jehu was a military commander He killed Jehoram at Jezreel and Jehu killed Ahaziah as hes fleeing on the road to Megiddo4Jehu then wiped out the house of Ahab in Jezreel and Samaria destroyed the Baal cult in Israel and became king Note the proJehu bias in the narrative means to praise JehupropagandaCThe Tell Dan inscription1Tell Dan biblical Dan Hebrew JudgeTell elQadi Arabic mound of the judge on the border between Israel and Syria Aram of Damascusth2Inscription dates to the 9 century and is written in Aramaic3Scholars ge
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