History Of Biblical Archeology

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REL 3004

History of Biblical Archeology AEarly western travelers 3001800iCame as Christian pilgrims to venerate the holy biblical sitesiiAccepted ecclesiastical tradition ca300600 AD as a reliable guide to the location of the biblical sitesBPhase I of modern biblical archeology 18001890iWesterners now came as scientificallyminded explorersiiRejected ecclesiastical tradition as a reliable guideiiiLocation of biblical sites to be rediscovered with the help of the Bible and other ancient texts aExploration throughout the land knowledge etc thivAchievements of 19 century explores aSurveyed the land and produced first reasonably accurate maps of Palestine bRecorded the archeological remains that were visible to the eye cFixed the location of many biblical cities ie site identificationvEdward Robinson aExplored Palestine with Eli Smith in 1838 and 1852 identifying many biblical sites for the first time b Robinsons Biblical Researches in Palestine Mt Sinai and Arabia Petraea1contains 80 of what we know today about the biblical sites of thearea cPrinciples underlying Robs explorations 1ecclesiastical tradition is unrelia
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