Egyptian Domination Of Palestine

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Religious Studies
REL 3004
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Egyptian Domination of Palestine 15001150 BCEAThutmose III ca 1480 1435 BCEBAmenhotep II ca 1435 1420 BCE a16 campaigns into Palestine within 20 years CThe Amarna period ca 1400 1350 BCEReigns of Amenhotep III and Akhenaten as known from the Amarna Letters 3 timesaFound at Tell elAmarna in 1887bWritten on clay tabletsin Babylonain cuneiform AkkadiancLetters ti Egyptian pharaohs from citystate rulers in Palestine Phoenicia and Syria egiMegiddo Ashkelon Gezer Shechem Acco Tyre Bablos DamascusiiJerusalem 5 letters from AbdihebathdLetters show situation in Pal during 14 century iCitystates acknowledges authority of pharaohs in PalestineiiCitystates were often fighting each otheriiiHabiru Apirua disruptive group in Palestine1social class consisting of renegades bandits socially marginal people making trouble 2No linguistic connection to the Hebrew at all DStruggle between Egypt and Hittite Empire Anatoli
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