Archaeology & The Bible - Lecture 2

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Religious Studies
REL 3004
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ArchaeologyTheBibleLecture2AFlinders Petrie 18531942iearly life inauspiciousStillborn infant barely saved dropped by a nurseWas a sickly kid chronic asthmaSo frail he had to be homeschooled but he wasnt physically up to itipioneer of arcaeological methods that persist todayaAchievements in Egypt 18801890iexcavated many cities eg1Tell elAmarnaacapitol city of a certain pharaoh 1mortuary temple of Merneptah pharaoh at ThebesiWritten in heiroglyphicsifound the Merneptah Stela ca 1212 BC1first mention of Israel outside the Bibleilearned value of ancient pottery for dating archaeological remainsaExcavation at Tell elHesi in 1890iHired by the PEF palestine exploration fund to excavate the first tell in Palestine1Khirbet Ajlon and Umm Lakis proposed as sites for dig suspected to be biblical Eglon and LachishiSurface pottery at Khirbet Ajlon and Umm Lakis indicated that neither site was older than Roman times1excavated six weeks at Tell elHesi where he established two principles for all subsequent exc
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