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Religious Studies
REL 3203
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Rel3203Religion and ParapsychologyCourse Description This course will study beliefs about the dark and miraculous aspects of religion and related extraordinary human experiences Topics include witchcraft ESP extrasensory perception prophecy psychokinesis mind over matter miracles and healing out of body sensations near death visions hauntings possession shamanism reincarnation and mediumshipContact instructor for link to study materialsSource LSU Religious Studies CourseshttpwwwartscilsueduphilreligrscourseshtmREL3203ReligionandParapsychology3Table of Contents00 Course Syllabi01 082305 Introduction Religion and Scientism02 083005 Introduction to ESP Phenomenology03 090605 Early ESP Experiments Telepathy04 091305 ESP Research Demonstration Ganzfeld Experiments05 092005 Psychokinesis Poltergeists Laboratory Experiments06 092705 Healing Possession and Exorcism07 100405 The Self ConsciousnessNear Death Experiences08 101105 Out of Body Experiences Reincarnation09 101805 Mid Term Exam TBA Lecture10 102505 Witchcraft Folklore and Grimoires The Salem Trials11 110105 Witchcraft The Navajo12 110805 MediumshipChanneling HauntingsAngels13 111505 Term Paper DueAstrology and Lunacy14 112205 UFOs and Aliens Archeology Abduction Claims15 112905 Dark Shamans of Amazonia16 120605 Enlightenment Mystic Experiences17 121305 Final Exam800 PM1000 PM18 Reading list for Religion and ParapsychologyRELIGION 32031 Fall 2005 RELIGION AND PARAPSYCHOLOGYC Gary Pettigrew PhDOverviewThis course will study beliefs about the dark and miraculous aspectsof religion and related extraordinary human experiences Includedare topics such as witchcraft ESP extrasensory perceptionprophesy psychokinesis mind over matter miracles healingout of body sensations near death visions hauntings possessionreincarnation and mediumship Textbooks required Pagels Elaine1996 Origin of Satan Sagan Carl 1997 The DemonHaunted World Summers M Ed 1971 The Malleus MaleficarumWebsite forstudy materials httpwwwangelfirecompsyrel0Examinations and PapersThere will be two objective examinations midterm and final eachcontributing onethird of the students final gradeA term paper is expected on the topic of students choice contributingthe final third of the grade The paper must be typewritten wordprocessed and may not be faxed or emailed It must be on timeThere are no excuses as the deadline is known The paper may beturned in as early as the student pleases to ensure meeting thedeadline Late papers could lose one letter grade per day tardyNo binders sleeves or foldersStaple in upper left hand cornerno paper clips glue or other fasteners Length and number ofsources should be sufficient to convince the reader that care hasbeen taken to do justice to the topicAttendanceAttendance will influence marks that are borderline between lettergrades more than one miss argues for the lower gradeOffice HoursDr Pettigrew will meet with students after classby appointmentTelephone 7662822 EmaildoctorpettigrewyahoocomLesson Plans and Schedule1 082305 Introduction Religion Paranormal BeliefScientismPhysicsPsi Read Sagan Chap 172 083005 Introduction to ESP Phenomenology Read SaganChap 123 090605 Early ESP Experiments Telepathy Remote Viewing ClairvoyancePrecognition Scientific Method Begin Reading Pagels Entire4 091305 ESP ResearchDemonstration Ganzfeld Experiments Continue Reading Pagels Entire5 092005 PsychokinesisPoltergeists Laboratory ExperimentsRead Sagan Chaps 137 Malleus II Chap X 1281346 092705 Healing PossessionExorcism Laying on of HandsShrines Crystals Auras With Demo Continue Reading Pagels Entire7 100405 The Self ConsciousnessThe Unconscious Near DeathExperiences Death Anxiety and Survival Finish Reading Pagels Entire8 101105 Out of Body Experiences ReincarnationDj vu ReadSagan Chap 159 101805 Mid Term Exam TBA Lecture Read Sagan Chap 24MalleusII Chap XI 13413710 102505 WitchcraftFolkloreGrimoires The Salem Trials ReadSagan Chap 9Malleus I Question VIII 717311 110105 Witchcraft The Navajo Read Sagan Chap 1012 110805 MediumshipChanneling HauntingsAngels Read SaganChap 513 111505Term Paper DueAstrology and Lunacy Read Sagan Chap414 112205 UFOs and AliensArcheology Abduction Claims15 112905 Dark Shamans of Amazonia Read on Website Olson Witchcraft Science Article16 120605 Enlightenment Mystic Experiences Final Exam 121305 800 PM1000 PM NO Scan Sheet or Blue BookRequired1 082305 Introduction Religion Paranormal BeliefScientismPhysicsPsi Read Sagan Chap 17I Introduction Religion Paranormal BeliefA Miraculous side of ReligionB Witchcraft1 Malleus Maleficariuma The Witches Hammerb USed by the Catholic Church for theprosecution of witches2 Three different culturesa New Englandb Navajoc Shamans of South AfricaC ExtraSensory PerceptionD Psychokinesis1 Moving things with the mind2 Miracle Healing3 Mind over matterE NearDeath Visions NDE NearDeath Experiences
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