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Renewable Natural Resources
RNR 1001
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Lecture Study Guidefocus not only on knowing the terms and concepts but examples of each oneMake sure you know the concept if you see a definition and the definition if you see the conceptHowever examples will likely be the basis of many test questions not specific definitions IntroductionNonrenewable and renewable natural resourcesConservationSustainabilitySustainable resources includes the genetic composition of living resourcesSustainability of production versus sustainability of functionThe Industrial Age think of consequences for natural resourcesHenry David Thoreauwhat is he known forGeorge Perkins Marshwhat is he known forJohn Muirwhat is he known forGifford Pinchotwhat is he known forTheodore Rooseveltwhat is he known forFranklin D Rooseveltwhat is he known forAldo Leopold and the Land Ethicwhat is he known for Three stages of ethical developmentFrontier ethicsImportant events in North American frontier colonization gold rush transcontinental railroad Desert Land ActDoctrine of Prior Appropriation for water in the west date or appropriation beneficial use diversion important Colorado River problems Organic and inorganic fertilizers disadvantages of the latterTall and shortgrass prairiesThe Dust Bowlwhy
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