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SW 2000 Intro To Social Work Exam 2 notes

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Social Work
SW 2000
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SW 2000 Exam 2Chapter 7 PovertyPoverty State of being poor or deficient in money or means of subsistence being without the basicsApproximately 12 of the US population lives in povertyTwo types of povertyoAbsolutecompares a persons situation with a numerical standardEx Anyone making 10K or lessoRelative compares a persons situation with a normative standardExample Person making 100K is not poor but compared to Bill Gates they areMeasurements of PovertyPoverty ThresholdDeveloped by Mollie Orshansky Director of the Social Security Administration in 1963 Absolute measure to COUNT the number of poorFormula based on what a family must spend on food and on the portion of overall incomeGovernment first attempt to count the poorPoverty Guidelines 2009oThe Department of Health and Human Services DHH is responsible for issuing poverty guidelines close to Pov ThreshoUsed to determine financial eligibility criteria for many BUT NOT ALL federal programs Headstart School Lunch Food Stamps WIC2013oOne person11400oFour Family23500Problems in Measuring PovertyoDoesnt consider geographical differences in cost of livingoThe threshold is based on food costs but does not adjust for the different nutritional needs of women women of child bearing years children and menoIt assumes that 13 of the familys income goes to food This has not been provenPoverty RatePoverty rate counts the number of people in poverty as a percentage of the total population National Average15Living WageoAmount that a fullyear fulltime worker needs to earn to support a family of four at the poverty line in his or her communityoEmployee of parish county university govt employees or contractors providing services to govto Because the cost of living varies from region to region the exact amount of the living wage variesWho Constitutes the PoorMythNonwhites are poorFactThe number of whites in poverty is more than any other race However the poverty rate for blacks and Hispanics are higher than whitesWhere do they live12 live in Metro areas15 live outside metro areasSocial Services are hard to reach in rural areaswhat works in the big city may not work in rural areasWhat race are theyPoverty rates for blacks and Hispanics are 2x that for whites 24 African American21 Hispanic10 AngloGenderFemale headed households are 3x more likely to be in povertyHispanicBlack Female headed households are 3x as likely to be in poverty than all families13 of all Hispanic and black female headed households live in poverty20072012 Median Income
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