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Soc Exam 2

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SOCL 2001
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Strain theory people engage in deviance when there is a strain between goals and means Conformist not deviant accept goals and means Innovator accepts goals but rejects means cheats on exams lies on resume wants to make the goal but does it by rejecting the means Ritualist rejects goals but accept means Retreatist rejects goals and means alcoholic drop out no care about successRebellionreplace goals and means Differential Associations Theory people learn deviance through association with deviant peersBroken Windows Theory people are more likely to commit greater crimes if they get away with their first offense Labeling Theory deviance is consequence of external judgements that modify a persons selfconceptdeviance any behavior drinking too much belief goths or situation unwed mother that violates social normswho defines deviance social situations social structure relative varies from place to place time to time and group to groupcrime violation of a law that is punishable with fines jail and other sanctionscrime rates in the US since the 1990s has decreasedsocial control techniques and strategies that regulate behavior acknowledging actions praising arrest etcPunishment to deprive a person of things of value4 major goals1 retribution premise that punishment should fit the crime eye for an eye2 deterence instilling a fear of punishment ex loss of federal financial aid for a first time charge for possession of marijuana over 200000 students in 19983 rehabilitation reforming the offender to prevent later offenses rehab therapy AA4 societal protection unable to commit additional crimes jail executiontheoretical perspectives1functionalist perspective deviance and crime are normal parts of the social
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