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SOCL 2001
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StudyGuideExam1Chapters16WednesdaySept21stSociologythe systematic study of social Manifest vs latent functions manifest are interaction at a variety of levelsintended and recognized they are present and Sociological imaginationthe intersection clearly evident Latent are unintended and between individual lives and larger social unrecognized they are present but not influencesimmediately obviousMicrosociology vs macrosociologydiffer Social researchresearch that examines conceptually but they are interrelated human behaviorConsider divorce on a micro level Scientific methodthe steps in the research sociologists might analyze the everyday process that include careful data collection interactions that fuel marital tension exact measurement accurate recording and unhappiness and lead to divorce On a macro analysis of the findings thoughtful level sociologists might look at how interpretation of results and when economic factorssuch as job loss home appropriate a generalization of the findings foreclosures and high credit card debtsaffect to a larger groupdivorce ratesVariablea characteristic that can change in August Comtefather of sociology value or magnitude under different Maintained that the study of sociology be conditionsempirical Saw sociology as the scientific Hypothesisa statement of a relationship study of social statistics and social dynamicsbetween two or more variables that Harriet MartineauComtes English researchers want to testtranslator and feministIndependent vs dependent variableEmile Durkheimagreed with Comte that independent a characteristic that determines societies are characterized by unity and or has an effect and the dependent variable cohesion beca
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