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Final Exam Notes

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SOCL 2001

Exam 3 Notes Chapter 11Marriage and Family1Family a set of people related by kinship who share the responsibility for reproduction and caring for childrenaBlood related Related though marriage AdoptionbTypesiNuclear family a married couple and their unmarried children1The ideal type2Not the most common anymorehas changed over timeiiExtended family includes relatives living in the same house1Ex grandparents living in the same house as a mom dad and children2Not as common in the US but commonnormal in other countries3BenefitsaNot as large of strains because people have a larger support systemiEx someone gets divorced and their family is near to support thembEconomic support iiiMonogamy vs Polygamy1Monogamybeing married to only one person at a timeaSerial Monogamybeing divorced but being remarried but still to only one person at a time2Polygamy being married to more than one personaPolygynyman having more than one wifebPolygandrywomen having more than one husband 2Kinshipwho we are related to aCan be culturallearned not biologicaliEx adoptionbFamily vs KiniIn sociology to be considered family members must live togetheriiKin are related but do not live in the same home do not function collectively on a daytoday basiscBilateral descent both fathers and mothers sides of the family are equally importantiFollowed in the USiiSome societies follow Patrilineal descentfathers side is more importantiiiMatrilineal descentmothers side of the family is more important dPatriarchiesmen dominate men make final decisions iMost common in the USeMatriarchieswomen dominate women make final decisionsfEgalitarianequal amount of responsibilitydecision making among men and women within householdsiBecoming more common in the US3Marriagea95 of all men and women in the US marry at least once during their lifebWays of meeting people is changingThe newly developing internet dating sourceiThe internet is second only to friends as a source of meeting a partner for all age groups iiSeems to be important for homosexual couplescPeople are dating longer before they commit to marriageiRise in people living together before they get married so what is the rush to get married if they are already living together iiMore people going to school longer so they tend to wait to get married until after they are finished dArranged Marriagelove is not the concern family status and economic stability is what is important iLove can come after marriage but is not necessary for marriageiiPeople argue that this is the reason for a high divorce rate in the US1Fairytale Lovetoo superficial and we do not put enough thought into the practical things eMate Selection RulesiEndogamy rules that specify the groups within which a spouse must be found1Prohibits marriage outside the group2Based onrace religion social classiiExogamy requirements to marry outside of certain groups like family 1Specifies what groups are off limit but any other can be chosen fromaEx No marriage within familiesiiiHomogamy tendency to select partners similar to you 4Family LifeaClass differencesiFamily traditionupper class must maintain their position1Family name is important2Good breeding3Important to maintain their privileged status4Being part of an upper class family is partially having a nuclear and extended family5Lineage is a concerniiLower class families are more likely to have single headed household1Not worried about family name2Will you be able to support financially3Lineage is not their main concern 4Children typically have to grow up quickly aCan begin thinking about mate selection earlier in lifeiiiLess prominent than they used to beclass lines are beginning to blur 1Internetno one knows what your class is if you do not want them to causing more diverse people to mingle bRacial Differences tied to class in some casesiMarriageable Male Pool MMP1Unemployment is high so they cannot contribute to families this leaves women with no one eligible to marry2This leaves many women singleiiNative Americans remain with family after marriage allowing for greater familial support networks1Live with extended familytypically with the wifes family
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