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Sociology Exam 1

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SOCL 2001
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SociologyTestOne10052010I The Sociological ImaginationWhat is SociologySociology is the study of human society This definition is problematicSociologists examine the way we go about our day to day livesBut what is sociologyBest viewed as a society Groups of humans interactingMicro small groups clubs counties individual level or status characteristics ex Personal race income genderMacro nations continents planets big picture largest level ex Agriculture of the economyMeso small group regional state or firm ex Anywhere between 10 people hanging out or the state of LAHow do we study sociologyDepends on your theoretical orientationVariety of methods ranging from experiments to statistics to interviewsTakes the same steps of the scientific method and applies them to day to day lifeIt is a social science subjects will act irrationally main difference between science and social scienceMeasuringfinding a way to discover the magnitude of a problemTesting can be done on the individual level or group levelThe Sociological ImaginationSociological imagination is the ability to connect ones personal experience to society at large and greater historical forcesUsing our sociological imagination allows us to make the familiar strange or to question habits or customs that seem natural to usUsing the sociological imaginationA different lensIgnore common senseNothing is what it seemsWhy take a deeper lookAn attempt to view without bias and as objectively as possibleIts like connect the dots with lifeWe can never be truly unbiased when talking about human emotions and ideasWhy the Sociological ImaginationAppeals to a broader concept when a examining social phenomena a sociologist must examine all sides of thingsExamination of BiasEx Fertility rates have dropped dramaticallywhyfertility correlates with education race etcSociological AnalyticsSociological ImaginationLenses different perspectivesIndividual CharacteristicsStatus youStructural CharacteristicsSocial institutionsWhat is Social IdentitySocial identity is how individuals define themselves in relation to groups they are a part of or in relationship to groups they choose not to be a part of
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