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Sociology Test 2 (got the best grade in class)

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SOCL 2001
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Sociology test 2Deviance any transgression of socially established norms deviating away from social normsInformal deviance minor violations Formal deviance crimeCrime2 different groupsStreet Crime Crime committed in public and often associated with violence gangs and povertyWhite Collar Crime Committed by a professional against a corporation agency or other business Forgery fraud identity theft etcSocial Control Mechanisms that create normative compliance Anything that pushes someone towards complying with certain social normso Following the rules of group lifeInformal Social SanctionsUnspoken rules of social lifeoWe are all simultaneously agents and objects of social orderoUsually violating a social sanction results in awkwardnessoThese sanctions form social controlFormal SanctionsRuleslaws expressly set forth by a society oEX we dont rob banks just because it is illegal it would also be awkward and people would look down on you for itFunctionalist Theories of DevianceSocial Cohesion How people form social bonds relate to each other and get along on a daily basisDurkheim on social cohesionoCollective conscienceShared assumptions that all humans have some functional idea of how the world works that we develop through social interaction Also how you think the world works depends on the region time culture and ways that someone is socialized Mechanical Solidarity
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