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SOCL 2001

CHAPTER 11 Martial quality Satisfaction happiness Satisfaction makes you think more long We only know about our own family Family a group of kin united by blood term where as happiness can be affected day to daymarriage or adoption who shares a common residence for some part of their lives Families in US Marriage the older you look at age the percent never married and assume reciprocal rights and obligations with regard to one another BUT the decreases most people try oncepeople married way earlier in the past but a definition varies depending on who you are and what you believe wont cover 100 larger percent has never married period of peopleWomen marry younger than men by about two years overall marriage age is rising Household people who live together US census doesnt care ab family at allin age each year today it is about 25 for women ad 27 for menNuclear family menwomen manwomen children two siblings In US most Career education cohabitation affect when you get marriedpeople live in nuclear families Less than 10 of white people live in extended Most dont marry till after they have a good or ifamily home About 25 of Black Asian and Hispanic families live in extended get established Many people are staying in school longer Most couples move in family homes Most people will have 2 families orientation procreationtogether before getting married trial marriage Women who became pregnant Family of orientation the family where you came fromused to get married right away but now most couples dont get married on event of Family of procreation your own family w or wo kids w or wo spose pregnancyMarriage rulesin US you can marry to only one person at a time not including Birthrate down except in 50s up through now still 20 per woman in the US divorce and remarriage Monogamypopulation Birth low during depression high after war due too economic boom after Serial monogamy a series of different monogamy to several different people war baby boom During baby boom people married earlier and had kids closer exisits of because of divorcetogether in age Population should stabilize but increasing bc immigrationPolygamy all inclusive term marriage to multiple people Common for men in Divorce high at 46 low till mid 60s up till 80 then came down Annual divorce some places Spreads good genes economic need not for powerrate 2 and lifetime rate 50 Very high in US spiked after war around 46 46 Polyandry one woman married to 2 or more men at the same time Not very to 54 baby boom and increase in marriage but divorce rate increased One out of popular The population would decrease because if 4 men married 1 woman she fifty married couples will divorce every year Causes very difficult to determine cannot have multiple children at onceUsually very pooronly know factors that contribute Those who marry early are more likely to divorceGroup marriage 4 men 4 women People try it and it doesnt work There are Communication even fighting is better than nothingcommunes where EVERYTHING is shared even men and women The problem we Single mothers and teen mothers Marriage as a major factorusually tend to like one person over othersDivorce affect kids achievements in life but better for parents to divorce than to stay Bilateral descent we belong to both mother and fathers sidetogether and fightPatrilinieal descent children belong to fathers side only In traditional Asian More single but not necessarily more teen mothers due to lack of marriagecountries it is very common when a woman married she was out of her family and Family variations More common for men and women to cohabitate in 30s or 40s belongs to the mens family only Changing your last name to the mans last namewith kids and not marry More childless couples due to passiveness not a Matrilineal descent children belong to mothers side only It is very common you determination to be childless but those who are determined to be childless usually get the property from your mothers sidemake a mistake and have a child Dualcareer different than dualhonor women Exogamy married outside your own group outside your gender outside your work around mens career men cut their career short to stay with family or go offimmediate family Homosexual marriage is increasingEndogamy married inside group Some people say that they want to get married CH12 Video The sociological imagination Religion Each of the great Iinside their own race religion Actually you have to marry another human being no religions reflects the values and social structures of the societies Religion can animalsIn many places you can marry inside your genderinfluence people in no religious ways Religions can be functional as well as Arranged not based on love People setting two people up for an ultimate goal stdysfunctional Religion a social institution that deals with the area of life people power etc One of the most common marriages is between 1 cousins First cousins believe as sacred It consists of peoples beliefs community of believers and rituals marriage does not have an effect on the gene poolor ceremoniesReligion is universal all societies have some sort
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