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Sociology Exam 2 Notes (Got A+ on the test)

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SOCL 2001
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Sociology Study of the human societyPurpose To make the familiar strangeSociological imagination the ability to connect the most basic intimate aspects of an individuals life to seemingly impersonal and remote historical forces Example Going to collegeRandall Collins Argues the expansion of higher education has merely resulted in a ratcheting up of credentialism and expenditures on formal educational rather than reflecting any true societal need for more formal education or opening up opportunity for more people Social institution A complex group of interdependent positions that perform a social role and reproduce themselves over time also defined in a narrow sense as any institution in a society that work sto shape the behavior of the groups or people within it Group of social positions connected by social relations performing a social roleSocial networks1Legal system enforces copyright laws2Primary and secondary educational system prepares students both academically and culturally for college as well as acting as an extended screening and sorting mechanism to help determine who goes to college and to which one3Educational testing service private company that has a virtual monopoly on the standardized tests that screen for college admission4Wage labor market encompasses the entire economy that allows your teacher to be paid not to mention the administrators staff and other outside contractors who maintain the intellectual fiscal and physical infrastructure of the school you attend5English majority of the language spoken in US August Comte positivism Need to make moral sense of the social order in a time of declining religious authorityHuman society has gone through 3 epistemological stages1Theological stage Society seemed to the be the result of divine will2Metaphysical stage Humankind behavior governed by natural biological instincts3Scientific stage Physics our relation to one another is an underlying logicalHarriet Martineau First to translate Comte to English describes the nations physical and social aspects
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