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Sociology Chapter 8 (got 94% in the course)

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SOCL 2001
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Chapter 8 Social stratification is the basis that all members of any society is given a form of classification divided into all different groups and arranged into some social hierarchy Everything that determines you as a person is a factor is deciding where you are grouped whether its your race gender ethnicity where you live how much money you make your occupation Through this the people that end up in the higher classes get more rewards and have far more recources than the people in the classes underneath them in the rest if the classes Social stratification just shows us the type of dog eat dog world that we live in and how no matter how far that we have progressed industrially and technologically there will always be classes Its kind of funny how I can relate to this through an xbox game that ive been playing recently It may take this whole idea of social stratification to the extreme but it makes sense The basis is that it takes place in the future but in a future where social stratification means the difference between life and death There is a plague that has no cure and that spreads very easily the parts of the city that are inhabited by the rich and the wealthy are always very cleanly and always heavily guarded and patrolled so that none of the poor or sick can even get close to the mansions that they live in The poorer side of the city is a complete opposite of the other side The only times officers are around this area are to dispose of bodies and to protect the entrances into the richer sides of town Everyone lives in poverty and disease rats are abundant and its everyone for themselves It may be a play on the black plague that was more or less the sam
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