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SOCL 2001 Exam 1 Study GuideTopicsTermsImportant people etc that appear in both the textbook and class presentationsThe Sociological ImaginationC Wright Mills author of The Sociological ImaginationThe Sociological Imagination the ability to see how social conditions affect our livessocial conditions the realities of the life we create together as social beings situation going on around the people involved in something all events using the sociological imagination our individual story can be influenced by history time period you live in example 911Cultureas we grow we are taught the norms through Linguistic relativity hypothesis language and social interactions and molds our perception of the world and the way we think example in areas that snow a lot there are many words for snowsocial Darwinism the notion that people who are more successful at adapting to the environment in which they find themselves are more likely to survive and to have children that will also be successful whatever made a group survivethrive became their culturesociobiology the hypothesis that all human behavior is determined by genetic factors Biological reductionism trying to explain everything in a society through biology and geneticsEthnocentrism the tendency to judge other cultures as inferior to ones own cultural relativity the recognition that all cultures develop their own ways of dealing with the specific demands of their environments cultural hegemony one culture becomes more dominant and overshadows another cultureforms of cultural contactSocieties and NationsGemeinschaft society that is more rural has more traditional values kinship small communitiesGesselschaft society that is more urban selfinterest loss of close relationships big citymodern hint gazellefast selfinterestelements of social structure individuals have statuses roles expectations for those roles within groupsall fit in together to create a society with layers Russian dolls smalls fits into the next and so onlargest one being the nationinstitutions societies with a more or less stable structure of statuses and roles devoted to meeting basic needs of the people families can be considered an institutionFounders of Sociology and Durkheim founder of Functionalism lived during the industrial revolution Major Perspectivessocial turmoil change goal was to make sociology more scientific research included social solidarity social integration anomieLow division of laborgemeinschaft close personal relationshipsHigh division of laborgesellschaft factories office bureaucracies
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