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SOCL 2001

1What is sociologywho offer labor oppositecommunismeveryone equaltrue equality The study of social relationships social institutionssocietyNOT possibleiConcerned with every aspect of the self in relationships with Industrial Revolution made middle class popular bc didnt have others and every aspect of the social world that affects a means of production but earned income from labor false class persons thoughts or actionsconsciousness awareness among social class that they share unique iiStudy of social life and the social causes and common interest Knowing ab class leads to revolutionMarx said consequences of human behaviorthis BAD bc lack their own mop2Social lifeencompasses all interpersonal relationships all groups or Marx wanted equality bc everything so unequal during his time butcollections of persons and all types of social organizationscommunism leads to everyone working less hard since no reward for 3Sociological Perspectivehard work society will not change unless we start revolution ex iThe way to recognize patterns in social events and view Factory get rid of the owner and everyone get a share of itpersonal experiences in the light of these patternsEconomic Determinismall aspects of life change social conditions iiSociological ImaginationAbility to use sociological society based on economic factorsperspectivesBasethe economydynamics regarding the means of iiiEmpirical investigationallows us to determine whether our production economic system exeducationgeneralizations about society are accurate We can see Supersturctureall aspects of society other than economy beyond OUR individual experiencesexschoolsivEmpiricalideas based on observationexperiences NOT fEmile DurkheimFrench structural functionalism how societypreexisting ideasis structured and what is the function of each part of the structure4Sociological Perspective operates on two levelsgender and equality family etciMacroentire society social institutions large scale Collective Consciousnesssomething we ALL share Collectivestructuresprocesseswar divorce unemploymentpsyche that results from blending individuals mentalitiesiiMecocorporation school smaller communities classroomsQuantitative analyses on suicidesome ppl who arent socially iiiMicroeveryday life interpersonal interactions concerned integrated commit suicide Shows that suicide is a social behavior bc with individual behaviorveteran divorcee unemployeeaffected by relationship w societythings we are mistaken aboutMethods of IntegrationDivorce rate is high but marriage is stable capital punishment doesnt Mechanical Solidarityppl do similar work primitive societydecrease murder rates suicide rates higher among white males etcOrganic Solidaritydivision of labor makes society more 5Sociology and other social sciencesintergratedppl related in complex waysThe scientific study of social relationships social aSociologygMax Webergerman looked at society from individual institutions and societyperspective social class involves subjective perceptionsbEconomics the study of how goods and services are produced The Protestant Ethicthe Spirit of Capitalismwanted to know and consumed and distributed within societies why capitalism private mop evolved in Europebc of their religion cPolitical Science Conflict theorypower government political Our motivebeliefs drive social forces religion processes election etc social conflict conflict inevitable Versteheninterpretive understandingput yourself in other ppls shoes natural and cause of social change and actionto understand themlearn their subjective meaning for their behavior dAnthropology oppose Marxmust analyze society from a neutral standpointValue Physical studies
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