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Study Guide For Final (Sociology 2001)

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SOCL 2001

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Families The family is considered an institution because it is an area of social life that is organized into discernable patterns and becauseit helps to meet crucial social needsFamily a group of people related by blood marriage or adoptionConsanguineous attachments blood relationsConjugal relations adults living together in marriage or intimate relationshipsKinship the role relations among people who consider themselves familyFictive kin people who are so close to members of the family that they are considered kin despite absence of blood tiesNuclear family a couple and childrenThe family as an institution Comprises a set of statuses roles norms and values devoted to achieving important social goals Those goals include the social control of reproduction the socialization of new generations and the social placement of children in the institutions of the larger society colleges business firms etcMicrolevel individual relationshipsMacrolevel families relationships to society laws governing the familyFamily Functions communication production of goods and services distribution of goods and services protection and defense replacement of members social placement control of members functions to meet societys needsFamilies and StratificationSocial placement ways in which relatives work to ensure that their children will achieve the same or higher socialclass positions as their parentsCultural capital all the knowledge and norms of behavior valued by higherclass people reading classical musicInstitutional differentiation social change as an ongoing processGemeinshaft rural family performs basic needs of membersGesselshaft urban basic needs performed by other social institutions that are specifically adapted to performing those functionsVariation in Family Structure traditional household consisting of two parents and their children is no longer the typical American family more married couples without children single parent familiesMarriage and Divorce 20 of first marriages end in divorce trial marriages cohabitation before marriage to help marital stability dont work divorce rates higherImpact Gender inequality moving away stress parenting overburdened childMore careful selection of partners
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