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SOCL 2001

SOCL 2001 Exam 2 Study GuideTopicsTerms that appear in both the textbook and class presentationsInteractionist Functionalist and Social stratification the process whereby the members of a Conflict perspectives onsociety are sorted into different statuses a societys system for ranking people hierarchically according to such attributes as wealth power and prestige StratificationInteractionist Functionalist individuals need to be motivated on money and prestige in order for society to function Conflict enables those at the top to develop their talents and prevents those at the bottom from doing soRacialEthnic InequalityInteractionist Functionalist still the idea that inequality can be functional for a society blacks as slavesConflict trace the origins of racial and ethnic inequality to the conflict between classes in capitalist societies blacks as slavesQuantitative and Qualitative QuantitativeQualitative Research MethodsResearch in Sociology chapter Quantitative methodssystematic counting and statistical 2 in textanalysisAnalyze data though calculationsAsking someone to respond on a survey by choosing 15Qualitative methods observation focus group interviews or case study interviews that generate facts Personal in depthAnalysis of data more open to interpretationControlled experimentsLooking for a cause and effect relationship between two variables Field experimentsOutside of a controlled setting IndependentDependent variablesVariable quality or characteristic that varies from person to person where youre fromIndependent variable changes the dependent variable and vice versaSample surveysAnother optionFind out a large amount of information about a population you are interested inSurvey questions in the form of a questionnaireFind a sample of the population to give the survey toTaking a slice of pizza if that slice is good the rest of the pizza is probably good tooOpenClosed questionsOpenqualitative questionnaire but face to face ask follow up questions and analyze participants emotions etcClosedquantitativeParticipant ObservationObserve individuals or groups in their natural environmentsSociologist must participate and research without disturbing the natural setting Also referred to as field researchResearch ethicsthe rights of respondentsResearch participants should not be harmed physically or psychologically Information provided by participants must remain
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