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Exam 1 Notes (Got A+ on the test)

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SOCL 2001
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AStepping outside of ourselvesaChallenging the common sense we take for granted iAnalyzing ourselves deeper iiBecause thats the way it is 1Red flag not so simple different meaningsBPutting yourself in someone elses shoesaI could imagine what its like to be an LSU studentbWhat its like to be a teacherLSU iGrade Beggars iiCheaters iiiEvaluationsBSeeing the general in the particularaI dont know your particular life story but since you are part of a group LSU undergrads there are certain general aspects about you I do know bNot a stereotype cLooking out for general patterns in social life dThere will always be exceptions doesnt mean the patterns are not important BSeeing the strange in the familiaraHow has society affected you without you knowing itiWhat things are out of our control1Ex Your name unless you changed itBC Wright Mills author of the Sociological Imaginationaturning private problems into public issuesiAsk questions and helps to think of solutions iiEx Im pooriiiEx I have a college degree but cant find a jobivWhat causes an increase in the poverty ratevWhat caused the economic recessionbthe intersection of biography and historyiExample 911011Our individual lives can be profoundly affected by events that take place during out lifetimeiiExample the internet1No matter how smart you are if you lived in a time before the Internet you would have far less information to work with during your time in collegeBWe live in an individualistic societyaAll events take place in larger social conditions iMore than just the individual people involvedbSocial conditions history according to MillscCountless other outside factorswe will study many of them in this courseBAncient GreeceaFood example of material culture bPreparing the food what to serve normscImportant of sharing a meal ideas and values dWe all exist in many cultures at the same timeiLocal state national CNational CultureaMount Rushmore Liberty Bell
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