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Complete Notes for SOCL 2001 (got 93% on the test)

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SOCL 2001
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Chapter 12GenderFun With StereotypesoMen dont cry or talk about feelingsoWomen too emotional very object orientedoPeople tie these stereotypes falsely to biological differences oThese stereotypes service to reduce the complexity of life and make it easyoDouche bag Ken and Low SelfEsteem BarbieBasic AssumptionsoTo understand gender in a sociological context we must work with 2 basic assumptionsThere are biological differences between males and femalesGender is a Social ConstructionBiology of GenderoBoys have a penis and girls have a vagina Most MostoBoys cannot give birth to children women canoBoth have nipplesWhile these are factual biological markers the way people use these to manipulate others is what we are concerned withBlurring the LineoBiological differences are treated as a fundamental part of our social existence ignoring the socially constructed aspectsEssentialismthe belief that social roles are determinedoBut gender is more than biologyoDavid ReimerBotched circumcisionDoctors removed Davids existing genitals and made him into the femaleCaused extensive psychological issuesDavid committed suicide in December 2004Social Construction of Gender Social Construction Brief social construction or social construct is any phenomenon invented or constructed by participants in a particular culture or society existing because people agree to behave as if it exists or follow certain conventional rulesAlternate Constructions of GenderoThe ancient Greeks believed in a one sex which believed there was only the male body and that females were inverse of malesGreek HomosexualityoThe Navajo people of the southwest US have 3 gender identitiesNadlethose with ambiguous genitals Can marry any other gender and perform the tasks of both males and femalesFrench PolynesiaoThe culture in Polynesia also allow for a third type of genderoThe RaeRaes are young boys that take on female gender rolesFeminine MasculinityoThe United States also has its variation on alternate gender conceptsoWomen who have a masculine identity or style are often chastised as being lesbiansDykes Construction in PlaceoViewing gender as a social construct does not mean that biological sex is irrelevantoViewing gender as a social construct leads us a better overall conceptualization of genderits the intersection of the biological and the socialAnalyzing GenderSociology of gender is an analytic study of the way gender can affect societyoWhat is the line between gender and biologyoWhere is genders place in societyUnderstanding through deconstructionSocial constructivism is the basic argument against a biological perspective of genderSocial Constructionist view of gender still leaves us with a major nagging questionoEven if gender is a social construction why are there differences between men and womenTheoretical Perspectives on GenderA deeper analytic must be developed to explain and examine the differences between the gendersThere are several theories that attempt to explain gender differences We will look at 3oEssentialismoSex Role Theory
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