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Exam 4

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 2001

SOCIOLOGY EXAM 4 NOTESMarriage and FamilyEvery society has rules The family is also a way to provide for various people who are dependent and cant take care of themselves children elderly people and people who are physically disabled In most societies the primary duties fall on the family for taking care of these people The family is also first in line of different agents of socialization The family teaches young people things they need to know to become part of the society The family is the oldest form of socialization that we know ofLong ago government societies were organized according to families or clans Most of us will have two forms of families in our life timesFamily of Origin the family we are born in primarily consist of our parents and siblings Some societies include grandparentswho we live withFamily of Procreationwhen we get married and have children ourselves Some of the rules about families Society places rules on who we can marry and how many we can marryLines of DecentPatrilineal societies the line of decent follows from father to son usually determines inheritanceEx The old Testament is full of different family trees Almost all of these have names of men rare you will find a womens name Matrilineal Societies the line of decent from mother to daughter majority are Native AmericanBilineal Societies the line of decent of males is figured from father to son and the line of decent of females is figured from daughter to mother However societies do it this line of decent is usually strongly connected to inheritance ex family property That is why societies have rules about incest not because of the dangers it causes biologically but because it screws up the line of decentRules of incest are about who we can marryEndogamyrulesthatsayyouhavetomarrywithinacertaingroupIn some societies you would have to marry within your own clan1CanberacialreligiousetcPercentageofRacesintheUSNonHispanicorwhite69isthebiggestgroupAfricanAmerica127Hispanic132AsianAmerican6NativeAmerican1Table for MenThis is a table of men who married outside of their race Men19902000NH White3040African American83142Native American588578Asian American502453Hispanic353319WomenNH White3143African American3350Native American603585Asian American583596Hispanic342307The reason for the whites being so big is because they are the biggest race so it will happen most often in this raceNative Americans have the highest rate of intermarriage but this is because they have the least peopleAfrican American We would expect to see more African Americans intermarriages then there areMore African American males married outside of the race both years Unequally sex ratios means that there is a certain percentage that doesnt have an available male partner within their raceAsianHispanic there are slight dropsThe numbers are far lower then what would be predicted by chance Numbers for interracial cohabitation people living with people who are not married are higher ExogamyrulesthatsaywehavetomarryoutsideofacertaingroupstHere in the US you cant marry your mother father siblings 1 cousin sons or nddaughters and some states 2 cousin Other societies have different rules about incest but to marry someone in your own clan would be considered incest 2In the Old Testament it was okay to marry your half sister or cousin These rules often have combinations Phratries a clan but describes a group that is divided up in twostEagle Eagle has to choose a bride from the Bear clan You would marry your 1 cousin ston the opposite side of the family so a boy has to marry a 1 cousin from his mothers side stBear a women would have to marry a 1 cousin on her fathers side Then they wouldnt consider this to be incest Had rule you must marry a first cousin on opposite side of the family
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