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SOCL 2001
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1SOCIOLOGY 2001FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDECHAPTER 9RACERacea set of people who share a set of characteristicsusually physical onesand are said to share a common bloodlineRacismis the belief that members of separate races possess different and unequal human traitsRace is a social construct that changes over time and across different contextsEx being white in America has been less inclusive in the pastChanges in what is considered a race have been in response to social realities The concept of Race from the Ancients to AllelesAncient Egypt Greece and Rome did not experience race as we know it todayEuropeans began using racism during the Age of Exploration to justify conquest and colonization of foreign landsthScientific Racism19 century theories of race that characterize a period of feverish investigation into the origins explanations and classifications of racePhrenologythe study of head bumps linked to psychological temperamentsEthnocentrismthe judgment of other groups by ones own standards and valuesThe belief that ones own culture or group is superior to othersUsed in nineteenth century to explain white superiorityOntological Equalitythe philosophical and religious notion that everyone is created equalthSocial Darwinism19 century thought that some groups or races had evolved more than others and were better fit to survive and rule than other racesEugenicsthe science of genetic lines and the inheritable traits they pass from generation to generation linked social and psychological temperament to bloodlines
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