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Louisiana State University
SOCL 2001

Family is one of the social institution Families take care of basic Theories of Family 1Exchange how there are exchanges between Rocks trees lakes animals and humans alike Shamanism needs depend on other institution and institution depend on families parent and kid Can be applied to how you find a mate Shamanism Certain individuals called shamans have special skill or Families Education Politics Religions Economy Complementary needyou look for something you dont have Norm of knowledge in influencing the spirits that influence processes in life Whats family Group of people who live together and are kin united Reciprocitynorm of giving and taking you cannot keep giving or Totemism The worship of plants animals or other natural objects by blood marriage or adoption who share residence We should keep taking Power Relationship unequal relationship in which you both as gods and ancestors The totem itself is the plant or animal believe in our gut feeling for what a family is Some people dont can gain power by violence or money Ex wife can gain power by believed to be ancestrally related to a person tribe or clan usually agree on what a family is for Ex someone can be a family if they are holding economic sources or wife can be star and make the most represent something important to the community such as a food not married and they are living together they can be called a family money housework women may cook more than husband depending on source or a dangerous predator and the people often wear costumes and two women together living together still can be called a family who makes more money or does the most work unemployed husband perform dances to mimic the totem object Like a totem pole Can be difficult to define Household people who live together at a particular should do more housework bc he doesnt contribute to the family as made as a snake or something Believes they may come from eagle or time much complementary needs 2Interactions Doing Genderscorpion Treats animals that they think they are from as sacredNuclear vs extended Nuclear familybasically saying husband unemployed and doesnt do housework trying to hand on to gender Monotheism and Polytheism Monotheism Believes in one God Ex wife mom dad and kids Core familyextended family including what men are actually suppose to do Identity lose identity when you Muslim believes in multiple prophets but one God most people in US someone outside of family anything bigger than nuclear family Ex dont do housework when you are unemployed 3Developmental are prodestant catholic or JewishPolytheism Believes in all like husbands brother or wifes mother when added you dont Comparison between men and women We go through family life different types of godsconsider then nuclear family any more they are called extended family cycle steps Developmental stages Martial Satisfactionhow satisfied Distribution in the world Hinduism practiced mainly in India Has household someone is with their own marriage Marital quality score U shaped caste system Closed system of social stratification Cannot move up or Modified extended family When a family gets together but they are patter Comparison bt men and women Marriage is more satisfying downthe family you dont live with Ex getting together at a funeral or for men than women on the average Families in USCurrent marital Churches Max Weberone of the first sociologists to define the wedding status and marriage rate Marriage rateper year theof people that interrelationships between church and peoples livesSociological Extended family and raceethnicity LA has high extended family get married Has not changed much in the last 50 yrs Marriage meaningan institutionalized organization of people who share rate Much more popular among ethnic minorities Ex many black getting married later bc of job education and economics Contributes common religious beliefs Agrees with norms More conventional people might live with their grandmas or uncles and aunts someone to increased age of marriage Marriage has decreased Sects Somewhat disagreeable with norm Less convention results from other than their parents white is different from others bc they stress Age at Marriage Low in 1950s but up now More than 50 cohabit establishment Ex Jehovah witness Cults extreme form of religious self independence most whites stay in their nuclear family Upward before they get married childbirth Not having as many kids as we organization Bigger on west coast then south bc more religious in extension vs downwardEx his wife going live with him and his used toLess than half the kids of 1910 Childbirth still high compared south Disagrees with norms Anti social because they have their own family is a downward structure if his mom went live with him and his to other industrialized countries Avg age for marriage in US is Menmembership and separate culture with single leader Ex Unification wife it is an upward structure structure depends on who pays the rent 27 and Women is 25 Divorce is not increasing any more Still highest church and Branch Dividend in Waco TX Ecclesia An official state Family of orientationwhere you came from Family of procreationin world 1940sdivorce was high bc of war getting married before religion that includes all or most members of society Not in US the family you created on your own by getting married and maybe they left for warEX babies earlydivorce rate was high Waited till Backed by the government Denominations Wellestablished and having kids marriagedivorce rate was low BABY BOOM WAS MADE highly institutionalized churches Fundamentalism The belief that the Marriage rules in this country you can only have 1 husband or 1 wife POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF ECONOMIC BOOMWAR Bible is the divine word of God and that all statements in it are to be at one time but u can marry more than once Monogamyone spouse Birth rate Down except in the 1950s Bc of the post war baby boom taken literally word for word Secularization The process through Serial Monogamy sequential monogamyhaving one monogamy Birth rate is high in US than in other countries About 20woman which beliefs concerning the supernatural and religious institutions divorcing and having another monogamy Polygynyone husband which means our population is increasing while other countries are lose social influence We are become more religious The US is the more than one wife usually only 4 wivesVery popular Marriage is a But population is increasing primarily due to immigration most religious developed country in the world If secularization was business enterprise and they need each others trust Bc the husband is DivorceHigh at 1946 low until mid 1960s up till 1980 then came true the US would be the least religious countries in the world rich each wife has a their own taskusually has many wives to help down Annual divorce rate 2 and lifetime rate 50 50of Recruitment to cults When and where Most likely September and take care of business one wife might take care of herd one might take married couples are becoming divorced October On campus on west coast because few people go to church so care of field they each have their own house have to be rich to have Baby Boom Economy had a great impact When you have money they are more prone to new ideas Secularizationnot true becoming many wives Each has their own hut and are all business partners The you think you are ready to get married even though you are young less religious because of technology Sociologist believe we arehusband can have children with each wife time is regulated between Reaction to the was had another impact Has been away with the war ecoming more religious History of church affiliation use to be 13 husband and each wife to decrease the chance of conflict Saudi for 3 yrs and ready to settle down After baby boom Divorce rate went belonged to church now its 23 Is US a religious country Very Arabia Ex guy in Saudi Arabia had 58 wives most likely had 54 up and then came down religious countries compared to othersdivorced wives and 4 current wives Polyandryone wife more than Single mothers and teen mothers 13 of the babies born in this Why are Americans religious Because of history came to this one husband Not very popular When a women is pregnant she can not country are from unmarried women Of the babies born to a white country to find a religion We have religious freedom anyone can start have baby for another husband keeping community small so they mother 25 of them were unmarried Of the babies born to a black their own religious group We have so many religious groups dont starve Group
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