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SOCL 2001
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The Sociological ImaginationSociology the scientific study of human society groups two or more people Attempt to apply the scientific study to human behavior which is complicated Theres no specific set of laws that govern everyone Function is to reveal that which is hidden quote by Bordieu 2 elements of hiddenoStuff we dont want to share with others private motivesoPatterns Process of zooming in and out of different parts of society Have to see individual level but also abstract perspective multiple angles and big groupsSocial Structure oLarger than the individual but made up of individuals Elements of social life that are bigger than us Systems concepts etc Ex The concept of a mother We have a set of social ideals for what a mother is supposed to be Individually we have our own experience with our mother but we also have a larger socialized perspective of a mother Is both abstract and concrete The concept of motherhood and set of expectations are nontangible but do have concrete outcomes oVaries in structure relevance and influenceoSocial Institutions is a specific type of social structure networks of structures in society that socialize groups of people within them Ex The Military They socialize you from dusk until dawn in a number of waysOthers prison boarding schools families 2 levels of sociology oMicro the smallest level of sociology that we will study Not just individuals but families Not necessarily families Small groupsHouseholds and neighborhoods is the next size up oMacroNational trends Societies and cultures are loosely defined Culture can extend beyond areas Global oObjective and Subjective viewpoints in Macro and Micro Macroobjective we can all see and discuss Society the law bureaucracy architecture technology and language
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