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SOCL 2001
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Race4814Race is a mythConcept of race is largely socially constructedRacea group of people who share a set of characteristics typically but not always physical onesare said to share a common bloodlineConcept of race has some biological element but also attached to social characteristicsThe early daysRace in the early modern world was often based on biblical or religious definitions of raceEuropean explored explained the genetic differences by interweaving them into their holy scripturesAfricans descend from Ham cured in Genesis 9Scientific racismThe enlightenment moved the world toward science and the western definition of race adjusted accordinglythScientific racism describes theories of race from the 18 centuryTheories linked racial differences to scientific biological explanations rather than biblical onesTheories were often used to explain and often justify differences in social status or legal status of different racesPhysical features were the most common biological elementPhrenology was the science of head bumps The shape and bumps on ones head were linked to psychological temperamentWhich also happened to be linked to raceLeading us toracial classification based on skull measurementsSocial Darwinismosurvival of the fittestoAll racessame speciesSome races were more evolved better fit to survive orrule othersEugenics is a pseudoscience that links social and psychological temperament to bloodlinesHH Goddard arguedthat immigrants were lesser than native born Americans due to their test scoresththNativism gained social support during this period 19 century into early 20 century th20 centuryAntiSemitism brings about some shifts in the common classification of raceNazis update eugenics and bring back classification by racial measurement in order to identify JewsthIn America in the mid20they focused on hard lined differences between races based on blood
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