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Sociology Exam 3 Final Exam Notes

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 2001

Nyles WalkerSociology Final ExamMay 6 2014Double standard What is the belief that women must adhere to a different and more restrictive moral codes than that applied to menFamily What is a group of people related by bloodConsanguineous attachments What are blood relations referred that are derived from the Latin word sanguis for bloodConjugal relations What are relations between adult people living together according to the norms of marriage or other intimate relationshipsKinship What is the role relations among people who consider themselves to be related conjugally or consanguineouslyKinship terms What are these words commonly known as father mother brother sister grandfather grandmother uncle aunt niece nephew cousin these also may vary from culture to cultureFictive kin Who are people that are so close to members of the family that they are considered kin despite the absence of blood ties veronicaNuclear family What is the smallest unit of family structure that is usually a couple and their children by definition it is two or more people related by blood marriage or adoption who share a householdFamily of orientation What is the nuclear family in which a person is born and raisedFamily of procreation What is the nuclear family in which a person forms through marriage or cohabitationExtended family What is an individuals nuclear family plus the nuclear families of his or her blood relativesThe family as an institution What phrases comprises a set of statuses roles norms and values devoted to achieving important social goals Those goals include the social control of reproduction the socialization of new generations and the social placement of children in the institutions of the larger society colleges business firms etcMarital status What status is a variation in familiesSerial monogamy What is when a person divorces a spouse then Maries someone elsePolygamy What is when someone is married to more than one personPolygyny What is it when a man has more than one wifePolyandry What is when a woman has more than one husband
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