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SOCL 2001

4913Cell communicationCoordinate metabolic processesAn extracellular chemical signalIs transduced into an intracellular response Communication occurs across the plasma membraneExtracellular signal is amplified within the cell via a signaling cascadeFig 115 local and long distance signaling Local signalingParacrineoDiffusion of first messengers over short distance between cellsSynapticoChemical signals from a nerve axon diffuse across a synapse to another nerve cell or a muscle cellLong distance signalingHormonal signalingoEndocrine ductless glands produce chemicals hormonesoHormones move through the circulatory system to their targetsCommunication by direct contact between cellsGap junctions in animal cellsPlasmodesmata between plant cellsCell recognition through Cell signalingAn extracellular chemical messengerThe extracellular first messenger is transduced transformed into an intracellular chemical messengeroSecond messengerElicits a metabolic change within the cellMay involve a receptor in the plasma membrane oAn integral membrane proteinMay involve an intracellular receptoroEx steroid G protein coupled signalingImportant class of signaling complexesMore than 1000 different receptors in mammalsCoupling receptors interact with G proteinGuanine nucleotide binding proteins G proteinsLink an extracellular signal and an intracellular responseThree componentsReceptor in the plasma membraneG protein on the intracellular face of the plasma membraneeffector element such as an enzyme or ion channelMembrane receptorOver 1000 G protein coupled receptors GPCRsIntegral membrane protein with 7 alpha helical regions spanning the membrane heptahelicalAmino terminus intracellular Fig 117Heterotrimeric G protein3 subunits alpha beta gammaInteract with receptor occupied by a signaling moleculeWhen activated interacts with an effector elementAssociated with the intracellular face of the plasma membraneG proteins
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