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SOCL 2201 EXAM 2

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SOCL 2201

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Exam 2 Study GuideSOCL 2201Chapter 6The Normal DistributionAreas under the normal distribution 68 95 9950 lie above or to the right of the center and vice versa68 Between the mean and the 1 standard deviation 68 of all observations occur95 Between the mean and the 2 standard deviation 95 of all observations occur99 Between the mean and the 3 standard deviation 99 of all observations occurZ scoresthe number of standard deviations that a given raw score is above or below the meanThe Standard Normal Table begins on pg 493Turning a raw score into a Z score ScoreMean Z score 807071027097 z scoreStandard devZ score into a raw scoreYMeanzscore standard devY 7007151027 7007 1541 5466Y 7007171027 7007 1746 8753Turning a Z score into a proportion and vice versa85 7007145Find 145 in appendix B 04265 corresponds to 145102704265 x 1004265
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