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SOCL 2211 Final Review

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SOCL 2211
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Other DataGathering Strategies in the Social SciencesoList the major datagathering strategies in addition to the big threeSecondary AnalyisContent AnalysisHistorical and ComparativeHistorical ResearchPhysical TracesoDefine Secondary Analysis and describe its strengths and weaknessesSecondary Analysis a method of using preexisting data in a different way or to answer a different research question than intended by those who collected the dataMajor SourcesUS Bureau of the CensusBureau of Labor StatisticsEurobarometer Survey StatisticsAdvantagesSaves time and moneyAllows the researcher to avoid data collection problemsAllow analyses of social processes in other inaccessible settingsMay allow data from multiples studies to be combinedChallengesDoes not allow researcher to design a study that reflects hisher problemData quality issuesoBe familiar enough to match terms with the other strategiesContent Analysis the systematic objective quantitative analysis of message characteristicsHistorical Research involves a process that examines events or combinations of events in order to uncover accounts of what happened in the pastComparative Historical Research historical social scientists may use comparisons between cases to highlight the particular features of each case or to identify general historical patterns across nationsComparative historical research can also help to identify the causal processes at work within nations or other entitiesPhysical Traces pieces of research data that are not specifically produced for the purpose of comparison and inference but are available to be exploited opportunistically by the alert investigatorErosion when the degree of selective wear on some material yields data about human behavior subtypes natural and controlAccretion where the research evidence is some deposit of materials that indicates something about human behavior subtypes natural and controlledData AnalysisoSLIDE 1
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