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SOCL 2211 Test 2 Notes

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 2211

Notes for SOCL 2211 Test 2ExperimentsCommonly associated with natural sciences Not the most common for social sciencesSocial researchers typically select a group of subjects do something to them and observe the effect of what was doneExperiments are well suited to projects involving relatively limited and well defined conceptspropositionsThe Classical ExperimentIn both the natural and social sciences the most conventional type of experimentoThree Major ComponentsIndependent and Dependent VariablesPretesting and Post testingExperimental and Control GroupsTypically the independent variable is preferably going to be a stimulusPreTestingPost TestingPreTestingthe measurement of a dependent variable among participants before they are exposed to a stimulus representing an independent variableThen the participants are exposed to stimulus representing the independent variablePost Testing the measurement of a dependent variable among participants afterthey are exposed to a stimulus independent variableAny differences are attributed to the independent variableFirst question of validityExperimental and Control GroupsExperimental Groupgroup of participants to who a stimulus is administeredControl Groupa group of participants to who no stimulus is given but who resemble the experimental group in all other aspectsUsing a control group allows the researcher to detect any effects of the experiment itself to better ensure validityDouble Blind Experimentsan experimental design in which neither the subjects nor the experimenters observing the subjects know which is the experimental and which is the control
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