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Sociology 2211 9132011 Chapter 5 Conceptualization process through which we specify what we mean when we use the term in research 3 Types of things we measure 1Direct observables aEye color hair color age height bThings you look at and describe you find it 2Indirect observables aThings that someone told you someone else tells youyou dont see it for yourself 3Constructs aTheoretical creations based on observations but cant directly or indirectly observe them bEx Someones IQ an abstract idea that takes a little bit of work to find out what it isDefinitions NominaloNot very detailed explanation broad idea of now were going to looksomething oEx Lookingincome Operational oHow are you going to measure your variables oEx Measuring your familys income for the past 12 months Provide a clear definition so that when someone looksyour research they understand everything that you did Operationalization Range of Variation About how broadspecific do you want to make your categoriesvariation between the categories Ex How will you measure income Usually use categories with number ranges because people wont tell you the exact amount that they makeoVariation between extremes Variation in the specific classes Variation within the categories oExhaustive Cover all possibilities Ex Cant just do a survey asking if youre a democrat or republican because youre not covering all of the possibilities oMutually Exclusive No overlap of choice just need to have 1 right answer Level of Measurement Nominal variable oNo order oExhaustive and mutually exclusive oOnly offer nameslabels oEx Gender birth places major race Ordinal oVariables that can be ranked or ordered but no numerical variable attached to them oDoesnt mean that one thing is better than another oEx Level of education Interval oActual distance between the variables basically numbered oMeasurable difference between the categories RatiooTrue zero value involved and measurable like intervals
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