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BureaucracyFormal organizationsdefined as large and complex social groups formally organized to facilitate achievement of group goalsNumber of elements1 Organizations involve social relationships2 Individuals interact within the organization3 Individuals are not simply in random contact4 Organization includes parts of the population and excludes others5 Organization therefore has a boundaryInteraction is structuredSuggest organizations contain a hierarchy of authority and a division of labor in carrying out their functionsBureaucracy is a particular type of organizationWeberforemost theorist on bureaucracyUsed term to refer to form of administrative organization that in his view was capable of attaining the highest level of efficiencySee bureaucracy as a variablesome organizations are more bureaucratic than others some parts of an organization are more bureaucratic than othersWebers theory of bureaucracyCharacteristics of Webers concept of bureaucracyHierarchy of officesRules to govern performanceSeparation of personal and property rightsPersonnel selected on basis of qualificationsEmployment is gene
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